About Us

Fermion Capital Management AG is a Swiss Private Family Office, led by professionals who specialize in numerous financial fields. The goal of the company, its staff and its associates are to structure alternative solutions to enable entities to achieve their development goals.

Founder, Dirk Coetzer, currently serves as a director and board member for a few well-known financial entities, adds 22 years' experience in the financial markets and a capacity to work with a well talented team.  With a methodology that states: "a standardized, transparent, and simple framework should be established with a realistic expectation". Fermion meets these principles.

We are a seasoned team of private, international, and highly experienced entrepreneurs, who are not only financial advisors, but as investors self-active with finance structures and various funding transactions daily.

We clearly understand the needs of our counterparts; therefore, Fermion Capital Management AG is a very strategically balanced Family Office.

Our Services

Fermion Capital Management AG uses different market disciplines, products, and a broad outlook to optimize opportunities with confidence in the financial market. Parties enjoy comfort in knowing their development goals are being managed by a dedicated team of professionals, selected contractors, and associates with unique specialties in banking, structured finance, project finance, and securitization. The company's professional staff is well accomplished at enacting and managing just such allocations.

Fermion Capital Management AG specialise in fixed income securities and certain selected bank obligations issued by well rated banks and corporations, equity participation, equity loans and interest baring loan structures to achieve our financial goal.

Fermion Capital Management AG has taken deliberate measures of transparency to ensure parties remain continuously confident in the practices of the firm.

The company is also dedicated to maintaining the trust of contracted parties through turmoil. The company has built partnerships with strong financial institutions in order to successfully navigate the most recent market conditions and effectively pause ventures in case of an economic downturn. The aim is to maintain attractive partnerships through the solutions it offers to customers. Since the firm's inception, it has been continuously concerned with the achievement of the development gaols of all contracted parties.

The advantages of pursuing a well-regulated strategy with financial institutions are multiple. They provide additional sources of funding through the utilization of carefully selected securities and bank obligations serving as a primary solution to risk management, as they provide a hedge against liquidity issues that can arise and help mitigate credit risk exposures.

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